Obstetrical Payment Policies

Obstetrical Care

Our goal is to make the financial aspect of your pregnancy as straightforward as possible. During the first few weeks of your pregnancy we will verify your eligibility and coverage benefits with your insurance carrier. Please note this is not a guarantee of payment from the insurance carrier.

If your insurance coverage changes during your pregnancy, it is your responsibility to notify the office as soon as possible.

Each of our locations has an associate that will discuss with you your financial obligations based on the information from the insurance carrier. This amount reflects the portion of the bill we estimate that your insurance company will not cover. This estimate is based on normal routine services only. The office associate will establish with you the schedule of payments to ensure your financial obligation is paid before delivery. If it is necessary for you to leave our practice during your pregnancy, please be aware that you and your insurance plan will be billed for all the care provided up to the time of your departure.

Obstetrical Fees

Our fees for a normal uncomplicated pregnancy are based on prenatal visits, delivery and 6 week postpartum check.

This includes physical examinations, recording of weight, blood pressures, fetal heart tones, routine monthly visits up to 32 weeks, routine bi-weekly visits up to 36 weeks and weekly visits up to delivery; the delivery and 6 week postpartum check.

Our fees DO NOT include the following:

  • Lab tests, blood work, pap smears, etc.
  • Fetal non-stress test
  • Office calls/visits for non- pregnancy related care
  • Extended care for problems or complicated pregnancy
  • Ultrasounds

Hospital - Delivery support services:

  • Newborn hospital care
  • Newborn care after delivery
  • Newborn circumcision
  • Anesthesia during child birth
  • Tubal Ligations at the time of delivery
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